On Board Medical Emergency Handbook
Dr. Spike Briggs & Dr. Campbell MacKenzie

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We'll be ordering a copy of this for review.  So far it looks like the best bet, but we've put it in more to have something in this category rather than because we are sure it is the best.  It has the best references we've found so far.  If you buy a copy before we get a review in here and find you don't like it, remember that we do take returns.

This book contains 50 quick reference flow charts to assist you in diagnosing and treating medical emergencies.  Dr. Briggs is a medical advisor to "Challenge Business" which runs ocean races across the Atlantic and around the world.  Dr. Mackenzie retired from the Royal Navy as a Surgeon Commander and is an instructor for the first aid course of the Royal Yachting Association as well as an advisor on marine medical practice for the British Coast Guard.

($26.95, 224 pages)