The Picts and the Martyrs
Arthur Ransome

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The Picts & the Martyrs2.jpg (7683 bytes) Dick and Dorethea come to the lake for the holidays to stay with Nancy and Peggy under the care of the family’s old retainer Cook, while the girls' mother is away. For the first time the Callums have their own boat "Scarab" and are ready to sail in earnest in their own little ship. However, Nancy and Peggy’s Great Aunt Maria does not approve of them being left in Cook’s charge and sends word that she will come to take charge of the house. Nancy and Peggy realize that their Aunt’s annoyance with their mother will be even worse if Dick and Dorethea are there as well, so Dick and Dorethea are forced to hide out in a forgotten little house in the woods. Nancy’s strong will draws more and more adults into her deception, but she is determined to keep her Aunt happy to spare her mother. Will Dick and Dorethea be able to keep hidden and still get in some good sailing time? This is in part a very interesting portrait of three generations in the same family all trying to do everything for the best, but with very different views of the proper way to live. (tm)  $14.95