Rolling & Tipping
Daniel B. MacNaughton

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Rolling and tipping is a fast and very perfect way of painting anything that requires the absolutely most perfect surface whether it be boats, aircraft of just about anything else.  While the basic description is very simple in that the paint is applied to the surface in a thin film with a particular type of roller working in one direction and then "tipped" off in the other direction using a "dry" brush. That is a brush which is not carrying additional paint to the surface.

This sounds simple and it is, but there are of course subtleties to it that takes this article to explain thoroughly enough so that you can take it from there.

This system developed because people were putting more and more money into fancier and fancier paints, many of which were tricky to apply, catalyzed, quick "curing", and which were so expensive that a really top quality job was essential.

Rolling and tipping gives excellent control so that if something goes wrong you can usually recover, whereas if a spray job goes wrong it is often a complete, and expensive disaster.  Furthermore with some of today's highly toxic paints spraying is dangerous enough that a faulty source of breathing air can kill.

The author of this article is one of the most skilled yacht painters on the East Coast and is a person trusted to put an incredibly expensive paint job on multimillion dollar yachts.

Many of us will paint small boats with conventional paints and brushes and be perfectly happy with any kind of reasonable job since it is just on its way to next year's paint job anyway.  On the other hand an increasing number of people want truly stunning paint jobs, which they expect to baby for several years, protecting it against scratches, and therefore rolling and tipping is the best and safest solution for folks with this inclination.  If you really want the absolute most stunning paint job, you really need this article, which will give you the foundation you need to get started. (3 pages, illustrated with pen and ink drawings) (tm) $10.00

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