The Forgotten Factor
C.A. Machaj

Publishing Page

This is one of the most important books ever published on what makes a vessel seaworthy and easy to handle offshore. Unfortunately, in choosing a liveaboard and voyaging yacht, people tend to go with what the magazines are pushing for their advertisers. Remember, the advertisers control editorial policy in most of today's boating publications. There is also confusion between what is "modern" and what is merely the latest fashion. Finally, there are always a great many vessels, said to be designed for offshore, which were created by imitating characteristics forced on ocean racers by the racing rules. If people chose their boats with the aid of the knowledge in this book they would avoid all of this and be safer and a great deal more comfortable at sea. With the proper boat, travel at sea is one of the safest ways of getting about the globe. This book tells you what works and why. One wonderful characteristic is that there is both very readable text and extensive math. This allows the average sailor to ignore the math but know that virtually everything in the book is firmly grounded in science. It also allows the naval architect to use the math to refine his or her reasoning.  Though it is worth mentioning that the calculations for roll moment of inertia and period of roll have some errors in the way they have been applied and in "simplifications" of the period of roll formula, at least in the first edition. If you need to really calculate these seriously you should consult with our design office or attend YDS where these formulas are discussed in Lesson 6b.  Liveaboards really should be applying the concepts in this book when choosing vessels. (tm)  $39.95