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This is a wonderful resource for those who are cruising and want information that has not been “cleaned up” for a magazine, which will often carefully edit out any “cautions” or “negative information” from any cruising articles.  Here you will be told in letters from the members and associates what their experiences actually were.  You will get a comforting feeling of truth in that some of the writing is professional grade and indeed may come from people who write to support their cruising, but much will come from people for whom writing is not a customary thing.  This gives a raw strength to the information which is very compelling.

 The Seven Seas Cruising Association is a group of people whose primary homes are their boats and for whom cruising has often become a permanent way of life.   It will never be that easy to get in as you need to be known to other members and sponsored to join.  But they do accept “associate members” who can receive the Bulletin and are encouraged to contribute to it, so there is no exclusion of those who want to be helpful and to learn.

The Bulletin does not pay its authors, nor does it accept advertising.  This means that you won’t suffer from the restrictions placed upon authors for the major boating magazines.  The writing is gutsy and real.  It has not been made “nicer” or an “easier read” by some editor and no advertiser has had veto power over the contents.

 When you read the bulletin, if a person says they were held up by a nasty official who demanded a bribe, no one will edit it out to make it “nicer”.  If a correspondent writes about rushing to help when a boat’s propane stove exploded and people were blown into the water, no one is going to say, “Oh gee, that’s going to offend the stove manufacturers and the boat builders who put in propane stoves. We better take that out”.  If someone says, “Every person we’ve met with one of those gods cursed Brand X roller furlers has said they’d never have one again.”  It will still be in the letter when published.

 This level of truth is worth gold and often might save someone from tragedy.

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