The Sheathed Strip Alternative
Daniel & Thomas MacNaughton

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This article is a general description of the most advanced and efficient wood and epoxy boat building technique available today.  It describes why it is so much superior to cold molded construction.  A great many people assume that wood and epoxy boat building essentially means cold molding, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Since we came out with the first version of our Scantlings Rule for Sheathed Strip Construction, this method has been available in a form in which people could have confidence and it is gradually taking over the market for wood and epoxy boat building all over the world.

This article analyzes what people are looking for in a good construction method and goes over the specifics of why Sheathed Strip has advantages for most owners and builders today.

It is also one of those rare methods which is efficient both for the amateur builder and for the professional.

Though the basic concept of a hull shell composed of longitudinally laid square section strips sheathed inside and out transversely with either glass fiber and epoxy or carbon fiber and epoxy is quite simple, the reasons that make this structurally superior and extremely cost effective may not be immediately obvious.

This article will help you understand the method and evaluate whether you or your naval architect should be using it.  It is a very easy sell to boat builders today, who often meet with us prepared to argue for it, without being aware that we are one of the chief firms supporting those using this method.  Once you understand the method by reading this article you will probably want to immediately try working up scantlings for your favorite designs using our "Sheathed Strip Scantlings Rule". (6 pages in this article) $10.00

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