Spar Hawk’s Sliding Stove Arrangement


Daniel B. MacNaughton


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Dan is great at this sort of project and these few pages can save you a lot of trouble trying to work out a good sliding stove arrangement. 


I think what makes this a great solution is a very basic principle that Dan seems to be very good at.  Most people take a problem, such as a way to move a stove in and out on a small counter, and work up a solution that looks like it will work and just build it.  The problem with this is that chances are the first solution you think of will be complicated and have a lot of parts to buy or make.  On the other hand what I’m sure Dan has done is to take that first concept and work out a way to make it simpler.  When he has simplified it, he will let it sit for awhile and then will find a way to simplify it again.  Eventually he will end up with a solution so simple that it is beautiful and artistic in its simplicity.


In the case of this article you have the result of the application of the principles of good design to the problem of a sliding stove by a long time sailor with great experience in sailing, cruising, and living aboard elegantly simple vessels.  $10.00


Tom MacNaughton

Eastport, Maine


A Note About Our Reviews