Yacht Designs II
William Garden

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It was probably inevitable that even though Mr. Garden had supplied us with a nice big volume of his work in his book "Yacht Designs" that it would only make people beg for more.  Given the the great volume of his work, of course he could turn out any number of books, given the time, the energy, and the desire to do so.  However like many very accomplished people Mr. Garden seems to have no great ego about his work.  I think we are lucky that he has been persuaded to produce this second volume.

In this book he also has plenty of smaller craft that most of us can aspire to, but he has chosen this time to show us some of the larger yachts that have come from his office in later years.  Many of us don't find larger yachts quite so interesting as smaller ones, but Mr. Garden's are distinctive enough to often be quite compelling and fascinating even for the dedicated small boat sailor.  I remember being on a delivery trip ferrying a 35' powerboat to the yard where she would haul out and seeing his "Manderlay" charge by under sail.  The speed at which such a large vessel could move in a moderate wind was quite compelling and beautiful.

In any case no matter what size or type your are interested in you will find plenty to dream over here whether you are a Hornblower type, or see yourself as a starship captain.  (A great many beautiful drawings and plenty of photographs.)  (tm)

Important: At the moment this book is out of print and we are trying to stock used copies.  Demand from our students has made these very hard to find.  Please inquire via email as to whether we can get you a copy before ordering.

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