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What's New - News on what we are doing and on what we are changing on the web site. If not updated recently it just means we are very busy.
Yacht Design School - We are primarily a distance learning institution training you initially to be a yacht draftsman and in the more advanced lessons to receive a professional degree in naval architecture with a specialty in yacht and small craft design.  We do at times have students in residence studying here.  All students work one on one with their instructors, in effect receiving personal tutoring, even though for some years we have been the largest school of yacht and small craft naval architecture. We stress developing excellence through training in practical design work as well as theory to develop fine judgement in your design projects.
MacNaughton Yacht Designs - Our designs stress excellent aesthetics, practicality, strength, and long term investment value. You can order anything from a complete custom design, through a modification of an existing design, or a stock design, on down to a simple calculation, technical books, or study plans. We provide standards for marine construction in most materials. We provide contract pricing, and can schedule design work over time to stay within the client's yearly budget. If we don't have to do drawings or calculations to answer your questions advice is free.
Pen & Anchor Publications - We provide educational reprints of out of print books, publish books and articles, and sell books by other publishers, all in areas of interest to marine professionals and amateurs, educators, enthusiasts, and sailors concentrating on crusing, voyaging, and living aboard, as well as technical information on boat design, construction, maintenance, and repair.  In addition we publish an educational book on how ordinary working people such as boat builders, yacht designers, and marine mechanics, as well as others outside the marine field, can attain financial independence and eventually wealth.  Buying through us means that when you have questions on the material you can email us for answers, because we know the books and the subjects inside and out.
The Liveaboard Catalog - This groups everything we provide other than Yacht Design School on one page for easy access.
Eastport - Here we explore some of the great things about our island city, its business resources and material on its setting, climate, wildlife on land and sea.  Eastport is a friendly, inclusive, and close knit community.  As we have said many times we should really have a sign as you enter Eastport saying, "Welcome to Eastport. Everything is going to be alright now.