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What’s New This Week - Highlights of recent additions with our editorial comments.
Yacht Design School - Learning to design for yourself or others. The only school with both a correspondence and a residential program.  We are proud to maintain a one on one relationship between the student and their instructors, which amounts to personal tutoring, even though for some years we have been the largest school of yacht and small craft naval architecture in the world.

MacNaughton Yacht Designs - An illustrated and informative catalog and order system for the MacNaughton yacht and commercial design firm. Our designs stress strength & long term investment value. You can order anything from a complete custom design down to a simple calculation, technical book, or study plans. If we don’t have to do drawings or calculations advice is free. We are a major source for standards in marine construction in various materials. We provide free advice, contract pricing & can schedule design work over time to stay within the owner’s yearly budget.
Pen & Anchor Publications - We publish books and articles, and also sell books by other publishers, in areas of interest to marine professionals and amateurs, educators and enthusiasts, and sailors, concentrating on cruising, voyaging and living aboard, as well as technical information on boat design, construction, maintenance, and repair. Buying through us means that when you have questions on the material you can email us for answers because we know the books and the subjects inside and out. We will continue to offer Free Advice on all boating subjects.
The Liveaboard Catalog - Books, designs, hardware, materials, and supplies for the liveaboard and other serious cruising people. We provide free advice.
Harbor Gallerytm - View Log of an Artist and following the progress of artist Nannette MacNaughton's current work.  You will see the stark beauty of Eastport and  coastal Maine captured here. A self-taught artist, Nannette encourages would-be artists by sharing  the techniques she employs in completing each painting as well as introducing you to what the artist can do to sell their work. Originals, reproductions, art kits & supplies available.   Corporate &  print wholesale buyers, interior decorators and commissions welcome.    
Yacht Brokerage - We concentrate on liveaboard boats, voyaging yachts, and other types appealing to the serious intracoastal, inshore or offshore cruising sailor. Vessels of many types and most materials are presented with the maximum of information, including pictures on each boat with links to information on the particular designs and the designers. All this is done by people who have spent their lives around boats and are here to help you determine your needs and find a vessel that will suit you.
Eastport - Our favorite businesses in this area with their products and services. Also, information on investment opportunities in the Eastport, Maine, area.

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