Previous 1999 "What's New" Entries

12/10/1999 - In the design section you will find a new link to one of our current custom design projects. This is the Aruna 134 a light displacement schooner of substantial length intended to carry passengers with limited mobility up to and including wheelchair use. This is a project we are all very happy to be working on. The pay off in human happiness should be great. .... Speaking of happiness if you are looking for a good used cruising sailboat you will now find a fair amount of general information on the well known Concordia Yawls in the brokerage section. We usually can find a few of these wonderful vessels for you to look at. .... We have finally, after a number of years, updated our Yacht Design School tuition. This has resulted in a price rise of $12 per lesson for all the lessons except the first and last. The first lesson rose $6 and
the last lesson rose $20. This should hold us for awhile.

11/30/1999 - We apologize for being a little slow in the last few days in answering some people's mail. For Thanksgiving week my daughter and her boy friend came to visit. Boy friend turned suddenly into fiance the day after they arrived and all was quite hectic for awhile there. There will be more about them on the site but for right now let's just say that they are working on Heather's little gaff yawl and having a good time getting ready for the wedding which is tentatively scheduled for next August. .... We have put the completed Anacortes 32 into the design catalog. So it is no longer under "a current project". You can find it in the design section as a recent project. .... We are trying very hard recently to design a better computer network that will serve our expanding businesses well over the next year. Limited funds make development of the business a slow process. However, we will continue to make the best effort to be as efficient as possible.

11/21/1999 - Anyone trying to visit the site yesterday and today will have found it impossible to get into. We are sorry. This was another one of those inexplicable things at the ISP. No orders were lost. No email has failed to be received. Everything is working now. We are sorry for the inconvenience. .... If you look under a current project in the design section you will see the final drawings for our Anacortes 32. If you want a really nice light displacement inshore cruising sailboat with a marconi cutter rig and bowsprit this may be a boat for you. The client who commissioned this custom design is a professional builder. If you want one and don't want to build yourself maybe you could get him to build you one.

11/11/1999 - Today we have updated our Stock Plans Pricing in the design catalog for the first time in a long time. You will find that some Complete Plans have gone down in price. This is through Terry's efforts at redrawing some of the smaller drawings onto larger sheets so that
a couple of drawings can be combined and therefore printed at lower cost. Other Complete Plans have gone up somewhat because we have added more drawings to the set. Generally Study Plans pricing is higher. This is because we found that when you take the cost of printing and mailing these plus the time in helping people with their questions we were actually losing money on them. Since I don't view cutting back on
support as an option I care for, most had to go up a bit. This brings up again our policy of spending a great deal of time on support. Around
40% of office staff time seems to go to support activities rather than producing designs.

11/10/1999 - We're still adding reviews slowly to the publishing section. If you see a book you think you might be interested in and the "review" link isn't activated yet, email us. We'll get a review to you as quickly as possible. .... This weekend in my "time off" my back was bothering me so I couldn't work on fixing up our corporate campus. That is I couldn't work on the storm windows and other repairs on our
modest Cape Cod house style  home and office. Thinking of an inquiry for a traditional cutter that I got from Europe, I gathered together a lot of information on my favorite cutters and happily decided to work out a set of lines. One of my favorites in this pile was a little 18' auxiliary drawn up by William Atkin named Joan. Even though this boat was sloop rigged she had the cutter hull proportions that I was looking for. Since nowadays we can scale hull lines so quickly in the computer I decided to make my cutter lines the same general size as the "Joan". I thought it would make a fun comparison. My cutter turned out to have very slightly less displacement, a stronger sheer forward in hopes of the best appearence in three dimensions, and a little more refined diagonals, due to the ease of modeling waterflow in MultiSurf. Despite all this, when I was done and compared the two sets of lines done decades apart, I was struck by how extremely similar they were. Even bearing in mind all the wonderful tools I have at my disposal that Mr. Atkin never had and remembering that these little boats that Mr. Atkin designed for Motorboating and Sailing were done under extreme time pressure several decades ago, I was quite pleased to find my hull lines looked so much like those of such a wonderful designer. It really made my weekend.

10/28/1999 - The latest Quoddy Tides front page is on the site. The official government statistic is that over 10% of the households in town earn all or part of their living over the Internet. This is where they are finding their houses. .... We are part way through some interesting updates to the Raye's Mustard site. We've been hosting this for quite awhile for Nancy at the Mustard mill. We'd do about anything to help her out as she is one of the best people in business in the town. .... This week we sent off final drawings on a 32' design for a West Coast client. .... This week and next we are working on the underbody of the 134' schooner. We hope to get some information on this design on the site shortly.  

10/21/1999 - We had a very enjoyable and productive meeting yesterday with clients from Texas who were here discussing the next phase in the design of a 134' schooner for a non-profit organization with a wonderful mission for her. I hope to put some information on this project on the web site soon. We have also added a very interesting side job to this in that we will be drawing plans for a scale model of it for testing of various factors and for promotion. The scale model will be 33' long! It will be people controlled rather than radio controlled. This is a great project and we look forward to telling you more about it. .... In the publishing section in the area for books by other publishers that are stocked by us we have added a listing and review for the Gougeon Brothers book Vacuum Bagging Techniques. This is the best information currently available on a useful, but often poorly understood or misused technique.

10/13/1999 - Important: If you are ordering books using our connection you must have your browser set to accept cookies. This order system uses an temporary cookie that lasts the duration of the transaction to keep track of the fact that the order came from our site. We get 5% of the sale and subcontract the fullfillment to Borders. This cookie is the only way to make sure everything works properly. We've had one fellow who had a problem with this. .... In the section of publications by other publishers that we stock we have added a review of the Gougeon Brothers' excellent Final Fairing and Finishing. .... In the YDS Tools list and order form we have added hand scale rules. These must have been omitted through absent mindedness as everybody needs them. We have also added a good quality drafting brush. You need these to clean eraser dust off the drawings without smearing. We're trying to find a good price on a  package of drafting table, light and drafting chair. Hopefully something inexpensive enough for a student and durable enough for professional use after graduating from YDS. .... Our additional drafting station is in place we hope this will speed up the custom work some more.

10/06/1999 - There is now a review of the Gelcoat Blisters book in the publishing section under books by other publishers stocked by us. .... We have corrected a bad link at the bottom of the Tides page and have put the latest Quoddy Tides front page on the site. .... In other news we are adding another drafting station. This will probably be up and operating sometime this coming week. Hopefully this will allow us to first get the current batch of custom designs out faster, second reduce and eliminate the waiting list to get a custom design done, and third speed up the updates and modifications work on our growing stock plans business. Many of you may not realize that about 50% of our time goes just into support activities to help our customers. We are trying to get to the point where between 67% and 75% of the office man hours can be devoted just to custom drafting. To do this we have to increase the number of people drafting as we can't decrease and in fact should increase the amount of customer support time. .... Tomorrow we understand one of our design students will be visiting us and looking over Eastport. We are in a beautiful area far from the East Coast cities. Visitors are a fun prospect for us.

09/30/1999 - In the publishing section we somehow got Bud McIntosh's book "How to Build a Wooden Boat" in the section of books on design. It has been moved to the section on "Boatbuilding". Sorry. We have also attached a review of it. We'll try to do at least one review a week of books on the site, so keep looking. .... We have updated the pricing on the Yacht Design School Tools Order Form. Some prices have gone down. Some have gone up. .... Business has been up enormously this year. You may occasionally find email responses taking over 24 hours instead of under. We are trying to boost drafting staff as fast as we can but are still having trouble keeping up with demand. I assure you we are trying our best and adding drafting stations as we can.

09/27/1999 - In the idea designs section of the design catalog you will find that we've added a couple of more thoughts to the Carthage idea. We have also added an idea for a Bahamas Sharpshooter sloop. I love these simple but elegant vessels and would love to do one up. A third concept added is for a tiny double ended sailboat for lake sailing. In Maine and other places there are many fascinating lakes full of coves and islands to be explored by a little "cruising boat" small enough for two people to pick up and carry to the back of a pickup truck or van or put on top of a car. .... We have done some minor updating of our yacht design tools order form. .... We have finally gotten our Boat Yard Kit package of information and drawings in the publishing section under the our publications subheading. We've sold two of these packages to people who've asked for our advice and it's time to get it listed on the site. .... Also in the publishing section we've added a new inexpensive book published by Gougeon Brothers called Final Fairing & Finishing. This is a handy little book. Well worth having and how can you beat $3 for a price? .... All publications stocked by us now have the current price with the title as well as on the order form for your convenience.

09/13/1999 - There is a new Quoddy Tides front page on the site. One of the articles in this issue, though not on this page notes that this was a big summer for real estate sales. If you want a home in this most friendly of beautiful small Maine towns remember a few more years of good sales like this year and the prices will start heading closer to the national average.

09/07/1999 - In the publishing section we now have direct access for you to a lot more books. All the regular stuff and the books and article reprints are still available through us. However items we don't stock but recommend can now be ordered from our site through our association with .... We will add reviews of all these books as fast as we can. These reviews will also go a long way to giving you our particular perspective on the books. We will share things that we disagree with, etc. .... Please let us know if you find any of this that isn't working correctly. We chose Borders because they are a reliable company interested in good business practice.

08/25/1999 - I'm sorry for the long gap in updates. A virus laid your author low for two weeks and he's just getting going again in the last two days. .... Look for new stuff in the publishing section shortly. .... There is a new Quoddy Tides front page on the site. .... A number of our readers have visited Eastport this summer. One couple came from California just to see if things were really as nice as we said. .... I hear rumors that the boat yard we sold this spring to focus on our rapidly growing design business is up for sale again. Somebody's going to make a fortune out of this yard someday. It has great potential for the future.

08/11/1999 - There is another Quoddy Tides front page on the website today. .... One of our readers from California has become so interested in Eastport that they are here visiting the area for a few days. Today they are touring Deer Island, Campobello and Lubec.

08/10/1999 - We finally have the last of the navigation bars updated to the new form. .... As I type we are working on getting the books by other publishers set up so that you can order them easily and cleanly through our site. We'll be adding more book reviews and order links to the publishing section as fast as we can.

08/09/1999 - We have added the new form of navigation bar to the brokerage section, the Eastport section and the discussion group section. .... We are just about ready to reorganize the publishing section to allow you to order publications which we don't actually stock directly from a major distributor after reading our reviews. We get a 5% commission on these sales. This isn't much but it does allow us to justify the time helping you choose the best books by writing up really informed reviews.

07/29/1999 - Terry Pratt, who has been handling our order fullfillment, brokerage, and the Liveaboard Catalog, has been drawn more and more into dusting off his marine drafting skills and is now taking some of the load off Tom by handling much of the stock plans updates and modifications. This is a really good thing since the amount of custom work continues to grow. We now have more designs to do than we can do easily in rotation and are having to put incoming new design work on a waiting list so that we can catch up with our obligations to existing
custom design clients
. .... We find that people express increasing concern about what companies may do with their personal information and
whom they may share it with. You will find a privacy statement in our Customer Manual. This is always accessible from the bottom of the home
page. Our policy is very simple. We don't collect any information about you unless you type it in yourself. The only required field on any of
our forms is the email address. Further we don't share your personal information with anyone. .... A reader has pointed out that our discussion group seems to have been damaged. New postings aren't showing up. We will try to restore this today. If you ever have any problems with this let us know. .... You should see a number of interesting changes on the site in the next couple of weeks in both the publishing section and the gallery section. .... We are sorry to hear much of the nation seems to be suffering from the heat and are very glad to be here in Eastport where we've only had around three uncomfortably warm days so far this summer.

07/19/1999 - We have revised the Yacht Design School navigation page to the new form of navigation bar and buttons. .... Also the search function on the site seems to have gotten corrupted. With this update this should be corrected. If you have trouble using search, please let us know immediately. .... There is a new Quoddy Tides front page. This is the Fourth of July issue. Both of Maine's US Senators, Olympia Snow and Susan Collins marched in the parade along with our representative to Congress and the legislature. Most of our staff attended the pancake breakfast at the airport and some went to the parade. Nannette did a print signing at the Quoddy Craft shop.

07/08/1999 - This morning we said goodby to two guests who arrived to visit Eastport and leave full of plans to move here. They already have a list of businesses they want to start. .... We have also added the new form of navigation bar to the Gallery page. There will be a number of changes to the gallery pages coming up.

07/06/1999 - We all had a great Fourth of July. In Eastport this is really big. There was a Navy frigate here. This is a largely sea going community and the Navy is very well received and very well treated. There was, as always, a huge parade. Senator Collins was here and
congratulated our State Champion Girl's Basketball Team. Pretty amazing team from a town with well under 2,000 people. My favorite activity is the pancake breakfast at the airport. There are also an enormous number of traditional Fourth activities extending over several days. .... We repaired a couple of links today and replaced the illustration that got overwritten at the bottom of the school page. We also made some minor text revisions as appropriate. .... On the order forms you will notice that the COD fee has gone up to $5. This is just what we are charged. We have no control of it.

07/01/1999 - Pricing and availability has been updated in the Gallery section today. More updates in this section are coming at long last. .... In the publishing section I have updated the link to Lucia Knight's email for those who want to communicate directly with her about the Encyclopedia of Yacht Designers. .... In the discussion section our reader Roy points out that the link to the yard isn't operating. Our apologies. We are updating all the navigation bars as fast as we can. Since we sold the boat yard operation I have temporarily rerouted that link to the catalog. We are replacing these old navigation bars as fast as we can. .... There have been a few text updates eliminating references to making up boat kits, which we no longer do. .... We have added another front page for the Quoddy Tides.

06/26/1999 - We've added the new form of navigation bar to the new Liveaboard Catalog main page. .... We've updated the notes on Custom Design to give the current design pricing basis. .... While speaking of pricing: Those considering purchasing our stock plans can expect to see some price changes shortly. Recent gains in efficiency in our operation have reduced some costs, while other costs have gone up. The net results are that designs to which no drawings have been added since our last price update several years ago have actually gone down slightly in price. However given our policy of responding to client questions on their stock plans most designs have more drawings. These designs will shortly show some price rises to reflect the extra costs of printing. Therefore you might want to order now. .... I noticed that two of the links to
the reservation form for the special limited edition of the Encyclopedia of  Yacht Designers were not working and have corrected those so it will be easier if you want the special edition that will be out in the spring of 2000 before the regular copies are available.

06/22/1999 - More minor updates today. We have gone through the whole site making sure that people aren't confused by references to the boat yard operation we sold earlier this year. .... We have also updated the navigation bar in the publishing section to the new form. .... Readers
might be interested to know what we do with unused computer time around here. When one of us stops using a computer for a few minutes the
computer automatically switches to analyzing signals for SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. This is how committed we are to expanding our potential customer base! .... There is a new Quoddy Tides front page. This is the newspaper to read for local real estate listings. Prices are going up but a 200 year old four bedroom Cape Cod house with only ordinary restoration work just sold for $5,000. You can buy really nice colonial, federal and Victorian homes for $25,000 to $50,000. Restoration workers in this area charge much less than other areas. This is an ideal second career and retirement community. An increasing number of people earn all or part of their living over the Internet.

06/15/1999 - Whoops, those of you who've looked at the very pretty Phillip Marie in the brokerage section may have seen her described as having teak decks. Actually the owner corrected us on this and tells us they are oiled mahogany. This must be beautiful. .... We have updated the navigation bar on the design page to the new format. .... It is beautiful summer weather here. As you can see from the chart of the office location we are up fairly high and have a nice view of the water out our office windows.

06/14/1999 - In the brokerage section you will find a new listing for a nice Geerd Hendel designed 32 footer which would make a great liveaboard for a couple. .... We thank Richard for pointing out that our navigation bar links to the home page weren't working correctly. .... In correcting this we also discovered some conflicts that were presenting an obsolete initial screen to customers. That has been corrected as well. .... Occasionally we have had readers ask us about the possibility of working with us. For this reason we have added a link at the bottom of the Home page to a page called careers. .... We have put the new style navigation bar on this "What's New" page and corrected an error in the home page's new navigation bar.

06/02/1999 - You will note that we are starting to reorganize the site. This is being done to more closely represent the way you seem to be actually using the site. This means that try as we might you will almost certainly find links that don't work right or other irritations. Please report these as you find them and we should have them corrected within 24 hours. .... You will also find that we have added more about what we are going to be doing over the next year or so to our future plans section. After some thought we have moved this section to the bottom of the home page. .... Those who might panic to find there is no longer a separate investments section will find the same material divided between the Eastport section and the publishing section. .... You will see another Quoddy Tides front page on the site. If you are interested in real estate in a beautiful small Maine town with a lot of interesting things going on you might want to subscribe. While last year people were saying anything under $20,000 was being snapped up. This year it is anything under $50,000. You better come get your bit of paradise now.

05/22/1999 - Thank you to a reader who noticed our search function wasn't working. A conference with our server people cleared this up. If anybody else found the search function not working we apologize. You should find it working fine now. .... We also have had a report that the publishing form credit card selections started with the Master Card selection on and you could only add other cards. We hadn't realized this. Although we haven't had any problem processing cards. This has been corrected.

05/19/1999 - Today we have added a few internal links in response to customer requests and spell checked some pages with some "creative" words on them .... Check out the Quoddy Tides front page again. .... In addition to the "feedback" option on the navigation bar we have also added to all forms an option to email us with any questions or comments while you are thinking of them. .... You will have noticed a gap here with very little added to the site. Basically your author had a back "incident" that put him in bed for awhile. We've been working to catch up. We are training two additional people to help us add material to this site. You should start to see significant additions and changes next week sometime. .... We are drafting like mad on three design projects but are still having trouble keeping up with the work. In a few weeks we should be finished with one design and you should start seeing things appear on a 90' schooner we are working on.

04/21/1999 - We invite you to read Dan MacNaughton's recent Mystic Seaport speech on yacht design in the twentieth century. We are placing links to it in both the design section of the web site and in the publications section of the web site right with the information on the forthcoming Encyclopedia of Yacht Designers to be published next year by W.W. Norton. The Encyclopedia is written by Lucia Del Sol Knight and Dan.

04/20/1999 - We've refined the Customer Manual a little more .... We've also put some additional and larger lines perspectives of the Bird of Passage 57 on the site. These are in the design section under "a current project". The "on mylar" version of these lines is coming along well. Hopefully they'll be done soon. We are able to get in a lot more hours drafting than we have in the past.

04/12/1999 - In the design section of the site we have added a map showing the location of our design office and, at present, all our offices. This is really just a modest Cape Cod house with rather nice flower gardens and a tendency to have the odd stack of boat building lumber in the yard upon occasion. We have been referring to this as our "corporate campus", " tower", etc. Who knows at the rate we are expanding where we may be in a couple of years? It may give you a better picture to know that most of our desks are made from nicely varnished plywood doors with the supports of varnished pine shelving. In other word at the moment everything is being put into maximizing our ability to serve the customer rather than fancy offices. Maybe this explains why our Internet business is modestly profitable and some big name Internet companies are not. .... Our YDS students and design clients will be glad to note that we are able to spend much more time now on revising lessons and drafting. Productivity seems to be going up pretty rapidly. .... We have almost completed our second full year with this web site! In that time our business has become almost totally web oriented. It has proved to be the very best way to help people and we have embraced the opportunity gladly.

04/09/1999 - Today we have put one of our co-brokered listings on a private area of the site. Those wishing information on the Hamlin 41 Ocean Cruising Yawl mentioned in the co-brokered area of the brokerage page and desireable as a great liveaboard boat should email us for a link. We have also put a biography of her designer Cyrus Hamlin on the site, which we urge people to read if they want to learn about one of the great yacht designers of the latter half of the century. .... There is a new front page for the Quoddy Tides on the site as well so you can keep up on things in Eastport.

04/08/1999 - We have just updated our YDS Drafting Tools pricing. Two items went down. Unfortunately a couple of items went up significantly. We do want customers to be assured that we are doing our best to keep quality at 100% and keep the costs down as much as we can. By the way some may be mystified to find a few tools being added gradually that don't seem to be actual drafting tools. This is because as part of the course we teach a bit about surveying and making designer's half models.

04/07/1999 - Today we have added four views of the basic lines for the Bird of Passage 57, which is one of the current design projects in the design section. .... We have been working hard on two other designs as well. .... Ginger Cook who has been working with us in the design department has recently completed a new illustration for the revised version of the Yacht Design School Lesson 4. .... We are training two more people to help expand and update these pages. You should start to see some of their efforts in the Brokerage and Liveaboard Catalog sections soon.

04/02/1999 - Today in the Yacht Design School section we have added a yacht drafting tools order form for those of you who prefer to purchase through us. .... We have also added a brief list of particularly fine co-brokered yachts selected for family living aboard and voyaging in the brokerage section. You will have to email for links to information on particular boats for the moment. .... We have also updated the Customer Manual.

03/31/1999 - Everything checks out OK now on the order forms. No orders were lost. We just couldn't access them for awhile. The problem occured when the site was moved to a new server. Everything is set up to be as secure as possible and the crew just got it so secure even we couldn't get at the orders!

03/26/1999 - Our apologies but it appears that our Internet Service Provider has for the third time damaged the permission structures to the extent that we cannot properly access our site to fill your orders. Please bear with us. We will post a notice when the site is operating properly again. Your orders are being taken, they are just now so secure that even we cannot access them!

03/23/1999 - Really big news this week! Due to rapidly increasing design business and Internet sales it has become necessary to focus in on our Design and Serious Cruising customers. We have therefore sold our boat yard operation. This will result in a big revision of the web site. .... The yard section will be eliminated and two other sections added. The first of these will be The Liveaboard Catalog. This is intended to be a one stop shopping source for the equipment, materials, and supplies that liveaboard, voyaging, and serious cruising people find hard to find. It will emphasize text that explains and informs. .... The second addition will be a much expanded brokerage section. We will now have the time to go out and search for more really good yachts to put on the web site. We will concentrate on yachts for serious cruising. In other words we will not restrict the selection on the basis of type of cruising but the boats selected will have to be boats that you can really cruise on rather than dockside pleasure palaces. ... Both of these new sections will be largely administrated by Terry Pratt. .... These changes will be implemented gradually over the next few weeks and the new sections expanded rapidly. In the meantime the site will be a little chaotic as we eliminate some areas and add others. .... You will also find a new Quoddy Tides front page this week again featuring our Championship girls.

03/07/1999 - In the hardware and supplies catalog section we have added, by customer request, our best selection of women's deck shoes. Apparently women are having trouble finding stores that carry them. .... We have updated the future plans section in the Investments section of the web site. .... Lot's of Eastport Pride out there recently. Our Tigerettes just won the main girl's basketball championship. See the victory on the front page of the Quoddy Tides. .... A great deal more exciting news will be featured here soon.

02/19/1999 - In the Loch Fyne Marine Hardware section of the "catalog" we have added a lot of nice kerosene
. There are more types available on special order if you don't see what you want. .... As far as hardware and supplies go we have only put items on the site that people have needed to see. Most of our Internet based orders have been completely custom so far. However it does look like we may be expanding this section quite a lot. .... Look for other exciting announcements soon. .... In addition you will find a new front page for the Quoddy Tides. You will note that the description of who live over the winter in Maine as maniacs may seem to be borne out by the picture of five young women swimming on February 7th. .... If you consult the Raye's Mustard site accessible through our products section you will find the order form has been updated. 

02/19/1999 - The design business continues to heat up. Our preliminary sketches for Bird of Passage were approved by the Swedish couple we are designing her for.  We have to catch up on work for a West Coast client before we can get too deeply into Bird of Passage. Also this week we had a very charming visit from two gentlemen from Texas who have given us earnest money toward some preliminaries for a large schooner.  This is a very exciting project which will probably be one that we show you some sketches on eventually. .... All this brings up an important point. The design end of the business has expanded to the point where we are not sure it makes very much sense, especially in light of Tom's arthritis, to keep running the boat building, boat restoration, and hauling and storage operations. Therefore if anybody out there feels the urge to own or take a major active interest in a boat yard with plenty of kindly expertise and a naval architectural firm nearby you might let us know. If we sell it would probably be a good idea to do it pretty soon, before the spring work picks up. .... We are expanding the man hours of the design office staff as rapidly as possible but customers can still expect slow response at times. Everytime we think we have everything under control the design, publishing, and Yacht Design School seem to expand. Nevertheless we should be able to stay current within the next month.

02/12/1999 - This week we have added some preliminary sketches and commentary for Bird of Passage a 57' (or 17 meter) full power auxiliary liveaboard voyaging yacht that we hope to be designing soon for a Swedish couple.

02/10/1999 - By the way, we should mention that we are turning away profitable work at the yard because we don't have the resources to build inside storage buildings. This is really tough since we are getting inquiries for
inside storage from as far away as Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York. So anybody who wants some
preferred stock or other participation in a nice little boat yard and boat building operation in a lovely area
might want to contact us. .... In the design section under a current project you will find that we have added a page
showing the interior drawings of the Anacortes 32 in progress. .... The design business still keeps heating up. Inquiries are way up this year. There will be more on some of the new designs we hope to be doing later.

02/05/1999 - Again check the Quoddy Tides front page .... We have modified the order forms on the site to
indicate that COD's can only be handled on shipments within the United States. This is apparently the result of some darn government regulations which now make handling foreign COD's unprofitable for shippers.
However we do take virtually any form of payment we can so please don't take this restriction as our idea. .... The design end of the business has heated up quite a bit. We'll try to get examples of those projects that we feel our readers would be interested in on here as quick as we can.

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